5. Press

Links to Press Releases and Media Mentions

News Release: Partnership with Shedd Aquarium and Sodexo

Medill News Service

Chicago Tribune

Restaurant Magazine 


Chicago Parent Magazine


ABC – Channel 7 

Press Release 

Time Out Chicago

Bridget Gainer


Daily Herald

Chicago Tribune’s Monica Eng


2 thoughts on “5. Press

  1. Diane,
    Congratulations. I just read about your organization and would love to help with something like this in Memphis TN. I remember when my children were young and we would go out to eat, I would buy an adult meal or split mine because they never had healthy choices in the kid’s menu. I complained silently (or to those sitting at my table) but I am excited to hear you have actively taken steps to create change.

    I am currently the community director for a new CDC funded program called National Healthy Worksite. I am just getting this off the ground in Memphis and quite busy at it but I would really be interested in taking up your cause here and at some point talking to you about how you got it up and going.

    Thanks again for doing this! I look forward to hearing more about the program.

    1. Hi Mary Cay,

      Please forgive me if you’ve received an email reply from me already. I noticed this email on my website and wanted to make sure you got it. Please give me a call anytime at 312.972.0672 and I would love to chat with you about National Healthy Worksite and taking Healthy Fare for Kids to Memphis.

      Diane Schmidt

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