Midway Airport Launches

The term airport food will have a new meaning starting today at Midway International Airport in Chicago when Healthy Fare for Kids lands at Midway Airport.

Healthy Fare for Kids is partnering with Premiere Restaurant Group, (www.maconemidway.com), a concession management company operating 16 foodservice units  at Midway International Airport, to bring certified Healthy Fare for Kids meals to it’s venues.

For the 18 million passengers passing through Midway International Airport each year, the Healthy Fare for Kids logo can be spotted on the tops of grab & go containers in most restaurant coolers primarily in Concourses A & B and near baggage claim. Soon, look for our logo on menu boards next to certified menu items.

You’ll find antibiotic-free meats, whole grain breads, smaller portion sizes, lower salt, no deep-fried anything, local ingredients and non-sugared beverages in all Healthy Fare for Kids meals.

Healthy Fare for Kids items are not just for kids. Liking the smaller portion sizes and healthier fare, adults have been buying them for their own meals at our other venues.

Next time you fly out of Midway International Airport, look for the Healthy Fare for Kids logo, telling you in an instant, it’s a healthy and delicious meal.Image



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