Rachel Ray’s Yum-O features Healthy Fare for Kids!

How cool is this?  Check out our recent feature in Rachel Ray’s Yum-O! blog (read now)!

Also I read about this fantastic kid, Marshall Reid, in the New York Times today (read his story).  In an effort to turn his health around at the age of 10 (!), he gets his family motivated to stop buying junk food and start eating and living a healthier lifestyle.  His YouTube videos, Portion Size Me, has become quite a hit and he is very inspirational.

We have lost the cultural of making food in our kitchens, many times cooking with the elder members of our families, passing down recipes and techniques from one generation to the next.  An entire generation, if not more, has been skipped over and in its absence, replaced by fast food restaurants, boxed meals and the microwave.

America is in a time famine with so many hard-working, not-at-home parents arriving at dinner time exhausted with little energy for imagination or more work.  Americans spend over half of their food dollars on meals prepared outside of their home.  And when coupled with the portion size of restaurant food – almost 60% more calories on the plate than a home prepared meal – no wonder kids like Marshall are clamoring to get back in the kitchen.  Go Marshall!!!

Healthy Fare for Kids focuses on portion sizes, reminding chefs that the size of a kid’s stomach is about the size of their fist, so portion accordingly.  I listened to Dr. Jim Painter, Chairman, School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University present how cutting down on portion size alone can lead to significant results in weight loss.  Check out this clip on YouTube.


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