Nookies Leads in Healthy Fare at Family Restaurants

I must come clean before I write about Nookies restaurants.  The Nookies near me is my second kitchen.  I’ve been eating there for many decades and I dearly love the place and the people who work there.  From Bob the manager to Cecelia the waitress and Tony the bus guy who cleaned up the constant mess around my now eleven year old daughter’s high chair with a sweet, understanding smile on his face.

Now, they are making Nookies perfect.  Starting with their swanky new store on Bryn Mawr Avenue, Nookies has introduced a kid’s menu with healthy options for kids.  Gone are the bundled meals where a soda pop and ice cream partner with a kid’s meal.  Gone are chocolate chip pancakes topped with whipped cream, replaced by multi-grain pancakes with berries.  Gone are the deep-fried chicken fingers, replaced by roasted meats served fresh every day.  The menu, still in the final stages of being tweaked, is a model for family restaurants across the country.

Nookies premise is that kids need to start out with healthier options on their plate instead of the unhealthier ones.  For instance, customers can still get the chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top, they just have to ask for it.  Taking off the chocolate chips and whipped cream presents a hurdle to the less healthy fare, asking the parents to take on the task of putting the items back on the plate.  Or when meals are unbundled, removing the soda pop or concentrated juices and ice cream, there is more opportunity for water or milk and perhaps some berries for dessert.

Take a look at the kid’s menu at Nookies in our Menu tab and stay tuned to Nookies as they fine tune their new, fantastic kid’s menu.


One thought on “Nookies Leads in Healthy Fare at Family Restaurants

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