Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! Cooks Up Healthy Fiesta For Kids

Chef Tim Cottini of Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! is putting s a festive spin on his Healthy Fare for Kids meals.  As a premiere Tapas restaurant in Chicago, Chef Cottini brings together great flavors, a balanced plate and many delicious choices of a healthy fare for kids.

New Kids Menu at Cafe Ba Ba Reba!

All families start their meal with a complimentary Pintxo – carrot sticks with hummus dip – followed by tapas options such as:

  • chicken or beef a la plancha with mashed potatoes and broccoli
  • vegetable paella
  • whole wheat pasta shells with tomato sauce, cheese and broccoli.

And to finish the meal, a complimentary dessert – grapes and apple sticks – is presented. And if a sweeter dessert is a must, then small portions of tempting classics are offered.

It’s easy to be inspired by the colors and food of Spain when you’re visiting Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, and now it’s just as easy to feed kids healthy, delicious food at the same time. Bravo! Cafe Ba Ba Reeba!

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! is at 2024 N. Halsted in Chicago.  web site 


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