Nookies close to launching healthier kids menu

Nookies restaurant has just given a peak to it’s new children’s menu.  While putting on the final touches and launching in the next few weeks, I had to report on some of their healthy and delicious options … like:

Mini multigrain pancakes stacked with Amy’s all natural sausage patties and a maple syrup side for dipping

Oatmeal with berries

Roasted free range turkey on multigrain bread with cranberry aioli and fresh fruit or roasted sweet potato fries

Vegetable twist whole wheat fusilli pasta tossed with fresh vegetables and a little of zesty marinara sauce

… and much, much more.

Nookies is a family-style casual restaurant with four locations in Chicago.  They are  transforming their quintessential children’s menu into one offering  varied, healthy and delicious food.  They have created a template that any other family style restaurant can follow, and we hope they do.

As soon as Nookies completes their menu, look for it on our blog.  Hooray for Nookies!!

Nookies  web site


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