Red Meat and Processed Meat Causes What????

Well, that was a headline that got everyones attention this past week, “WHO Classifies Red Meat and Processed Meat a Carcinogen”.  And just the day before I ate a beautiful BLT sandwich with DaBecca Applewood Smoked Bacon. Now what?

My suggestion is to begin reading the interpretations from the many sources now writing about this finding. In particular, pay attention to how and why the WHO classifies substances and their risk for causing cancer. I am going to begin to post any newsworthy articles on this space so there can be a place for you to examine it all.

Upon reading my first few articles, it seems that the processed meat risk is caused by the nitrates and nitrites used in the curing process that gives bacon and ham, etc. the wonderful flavor. Therefore, my next suggestion is to read labels and purchase and consume those products whose meat is free of nitrates and nitrites (also free of antibiotics).

Finally, it’s very important to be informed. And, balanced. As my sweet grandfather said – who lived to be 96 years old and was swimming doggie paddle laps just months before he passed away, “Everything in moderation”. As well, know your physical state by getting regular check ups and appropriate cancer screenings.

Here’s my first article:

Join Us For the HFFK Food Demo


I’ll be at the Chicago’s Green City Market in Lincoln Park tomorrow, October 25, at 9:30 a.m. Join me as I demonstrate a healthy and delicious fall dinner for your family.

Crunchy Top Roasted Salmon                     Sautéed Squash Sticks Michigan Applesauce                                                                                                                             

Roasted salmon always puts me in the mood for Fall or is it vice versa? I have a quick way of roasting the salmon with a light mustard sauce and topped with bread crumbs which gives the cooked fish a bit of a crunch. I’m pairing it with heirloom squash that I’m cutting into matchstick size and sautéing delicately, then adding a bit of fresh thyme. Finally, I’ll be cooking up a batch of applesauce. So simple, so tasty and it’s versatility goes from table to packed lunch.

Join us tomorrow at Chicago’s Green City Market by the Club Sprouts Tent at 9:30.

First Strawberries

ImageTwo lovely pints of Michigan strawberries were all that were left at Mick Klug’s stand at the Green City Market on Saturday. Seeing these beautiful berries was the validation I needed that the polar vortex of  2014 in Chiberia was over and spring has arrived.  I would love to share a recipe that I used with the berries but my daughter and I ate the bowl in under five minutes. Maybe next Saturday.


First Concessionaire At O’Hare International Airport


Healthy Fare for Kids™ has arrived at O’Hare International Airport via its newest partner, Cibo Express® Gourmet Market. With locations in Terminals B & C, Cibo’s marketplace venue features hundreds of quality, healthy food offerings as well as a wide selection for the allergy/food sensitive traveller … a perfect match for Healthy Fare for Kids.

Roasted Tofu & Veges with Chutney
Grilled Vege Snack Box

Cibo prepares HFFK food with the finest ingredients, including meats raised without the use of antibiotics. Families love these healthier options for kids and adults find the smaller portion-size perfect for their traveling appetites.

 OTG, parent company of Cibo Express, has been recognized throughout the industry for its exceptional customer focus and groundbreaking innovation; growing to become the second largest privately held airport food operator in the United States in just over a decade.

Healthy Fare for Kids welcomes our newest destination, Cibo Express and invites you to sample their great food during your next trip through O’Hare. And visit our website at for all our newest updates.


Welcome, Harvest Room

Exceptional Farm to Table Restaurant Launches in Palos Heights
A commitment to farm-to-table food service is one of the hallmarks of our new Healthy Fare for Kids™ partner, Harvest Room. The other, is their commitment to the community shown by their creative and healthy kid’s menu, now featuring an array of items certified by Healthy Fare for Kids.

Harvest Room specializes in familiar dishes made fresh with local, organic or organically raised ingredients purchased from area farmers when possible.  Offering a wide range of tasty items including homemade biscuits, jams, pastries, soups, pickles, house-cured meats and fish, fresh juice, a smoothie bar, panini, and flatbread pizzas. You’ll find a selection of crafted, loose leaf teas blended in-house with blue zone, raw honey, too.

Aside from the unique Healthy Fare for Kids™  offerings on their kid’s menu, they also prepare vegan dishes, and gluten-free offerings as well as a full bar with a wonderful wine selection and a Bloody Mary/mimosa bar on the weekends. 

 We are thrilled to welcome our new partner, Harvest Room and encourage everyone to visit this exceptional restaurant soon.

Harvest Room is located at 7164 127th Street Palos Heights, IL 708-671-8905 website.

Exceptional Farm to Table Restaurant Launches in Palos Heights


Just In Time For The Chicago Auto Show


The 2014 Chicago Auto Show is rolling in just in time for the launch of Healthy Fare for Kids™  at McCormick Place, thanks to SAVOR… an industry leader in implementing green standards and environmentally sustainable practices in day-to-day foodservice operations. 
The Healthy Fare for Kids meals will be offered in the South Food Court during the Chicago Auto Show and other special events and will proudly display the Healthy Fare for Kids logo. Menu items include a Turkey Sandwich with Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese on whole wheat bread with a side of celery sticks and peanut butter; or a Ham sandwich with Emmenthal on a pretzel roll with fruit salad. All meats served are raised without the use of antibiotics.
“We understand the dining challenge that moms and dads face when dining at events,” said Connie Chambers, General Manager, SAVOR…Chicago at McCormick Place. “We believe it is our responsibility to offer our families healthy, responsible options.  We believe, if we do our part and make healthy, great tasting food following Healthy Fare for Kids’ standards, we can help families identify good food choices and continue their journey of good health.” 

Since 2011, Healthy Fare for Kids has been asking chefs to create healthier meals on menus for children following their set of nutritional guidelines. For more information or how to participate,